A  Story📖📖📖📖oF TATHASTU….. 

  •  A story of tathastu.. 

A thief go to the temple🕌 and pray🙌👏🙏 of God. Oh my god I pray you,  I want to get this tamble bell 🔔 god says that tathastu . Thief take that Bell🔔 and gone, a man saw this system, after some time a honest man comes in tample and he says oh my god. Make me a good & honest man, all people loved me.. God say –


  1. Now that man come🚶 in temple and say of God. 
  2. Oh!  My god come in. Come in come in. 
  3. Then god come in & 🗣says
  4. Oh!  My dear man, what do you want? 
  5. That man say… My god I want only some answers. 
  • He say… This theif get the 🔔bell then blessing👼🙏❤ you….( Tathastu) 
  • A honest man comes in temple🕌 and worship you… Gave you blessing👼🙏❤.. TATHASTU

God says your two blessings complete. 

If you 💭 think good then  God gave you blessing.. TATHASTU

When you think bad

Then God gave you blessing.. TATHASTU

(💌📓::::::: 💭Think positive – Live positive🔰) 

Soch pr nirbhar hai kamyaabi. 

Different state of mind

Conscious – Beta 

  • Subconscious –Alfa state
  • Sleep —  Theta. 

Unconscious –  Delta

  • …………. 

Conscious – Beta -…………… 

  • When I aweak, then our state of– Beta. 

  • Subconscious   –    Alfa state
  1. When we ready aweek 
  2. Then our state of- Alfa.

    • …….Sleep…………
    • When are we sleeping then our state of mind- THETA 


  1. When I writing📝📝
  2. When I make a drawing.. 
  3. Then our conscious mind state of – Delta. 
  • When man in trance, yet he heard his MTLB talk. 

    (Conscious mind.) 

  • Subconscious mind. 

  • Sleep. 

  • Unconscious mind. 

Watch “एवरेस्ट पर सबसे अधिक उम्र मे चढ़ने वाली महिला संगीता बहल की कहानी” on YouTube

Motivation ki aag se sote huve ko jagaya ja sakta hai, pr jo shone ka dhong kr raha ho use kaise lagaya ja sakta hai.

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