Different state of mind

Conscious – Beta 

  • Subconscious –Alfa state
  • Sleep —  Theta. 

Unconscious –  Delta

  • …………. 

Conscious – Beta -…………… 

  • When I aweak, then our state of– Beta. 

  • Subconscious   –    Alfa state
  1. When we ready aweek 
  2. Then our state of- Alfa.

    • …….Sleep…………
    • When are we sleeping then our state of mind- THETA 


  1. When I writing📝📝
  2. When I make a drawing.. 
  3. Then our conscious mind state of – Delta. 
  • When man in trance, yet he heard his MTLB talk. 

    (Conscious mind.) 

  • Subconscious mind. 

  • Sleep. 

  • Unconscious mind. 

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i complete the mind power training,meditation,brain power,and other,so I am as a trainer.

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